Reliant credit repair is the leading credit repair company in the industry. Our success relies on building a dedicated team to guide our clients through their journey to achieve the lifestyle they deserve. Here at reliant credit repair it is paramount that our team members are able to help our clients transform their past for a better financial future.

Lifetime score improvement is more than just removing negative items on a credit report – its guiding our clients on a life changing journey and focusing on the story behind their credit score and helping rewrite it to reflect who they are today. So, join the movement and start changing lives today!

  • Assigned parking or free parking

  • Quarterly Company Outings

  • Weekly lunches

  • Free enrollment into our Credit Repair Products

  • Quarterly Bonus*

  • Transportation reimbursement

Our Team

Not a bad group, hey? Maybe you should join us? 👊

  • Adam Mhrez

    Founder & CEO

  • Jasmine Mhrez


  • Alex Humphrey


  • Joe Tonzola

    President of Sales

  • Marius Angeles

    Director of Client Success

  • Rose Ann Odiaman

    Credit Dispute Manager

  • Diana Villa

    Sr Sales Executive

  • Malachi Shy

    Sales Executive

  • Sherma Jn Baptiste

    Sales Executive

  • Mia Manaois

    Dispute Analyst

  • John Lanuza

    Dispute Analyst

  • Jean Valencia

    Dispute Analyst

  • Rajiv Partap Singh

    Director of Marketing

  • Ahmed Rabi

    Marketing & Programming

  • Fatima Valle

    Client Success Team Member

  • Leilani Villafuerte

    Client Success Team Member

  • Cheryl Mae

    Client Success Team Member

  • Jacqueline Negrin

    Director of Human Resources

  • Daylin Lopez

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Vidal Torres

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Kenthen Honore

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Tasha Honore

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Luis Echevarria

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Anthony Russo

    Outbound Sales Executive

  • Chris Perruso

    Outbound Sales Executive